These are our films from October 2017 – February 2018

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On the third Saturday of each month, you get a chance to be entertained, enlightened and amused by a wide variety of mainstream, independent and foreign films. The choice of films are not like those being shown in the big cinema multiplexes, instead they’re quirky, appealing movies that don’t get the distribution they deserve or are only shown a few times in the cinemas.

Also, coming to the Hillcrest Cinema is a completely different experience, starting with the ambiance in the Café, where many of our regular customers enjoy the pleasure of meeting friends for a freshly cooked meal before the film and telling us how they can’t do this at any other cinema and for these prices! You can also just have a snack or a tea or coffee.

The cinema is also fitted with a Loop System for those with hearing aids, giving users a much better sound experience.

Remember, the best way to see a film is on the big screen in the company of others.

Tickets £5.00 on the door.
Doors open 6.00pm.
Café open for meals and refreshments. Meal & drink from £6.50.
Films shown at 7.30pm, except The Martian that starts at 7.15pm


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